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Sony Teaser for Curved Bezel-less Smartphone Xperia XZ2 ahead of MWC 2018

Sony just dropped a teaser for curved bezel-less smartphone Xperia  XZ2 ahead of Mobile World Congress 2018. From the looks of things, Sony’s next Android handset could be curved or something that will be reminiscent of 2011’s Xperia.
On Monday, 19th February 2018, Sony took to Instagram to share a promotional clip that shows curved lines hovering over a curved hand. Interestingly, the hashtag “#SONYMWC” replaces the lines when they vanish into thin air. Then, the clip ends with “26.02.18,” which stands for the first day of MWC 2018.
Based on leaks and reports, Sony’s new phone could debut “Xperia XZ2.” With the release of the teaser, it’s now clear that the handset will likely come with a curved back, which is an ergonomic feature that will make it fit better in the hand. Not much is known about the rumored Sony Xperia XZ2, but some sources are claiming that the device could feature a 2:1 taller and narrower screen that’s become a trend among flagship devices since last year. The handset is also expected to have slim bezels, so it could compete with its rivals that are embracing the almost bezel-less design language.

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