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OnePlus 5T discontinues in North America

OnePlus 5T discontinues in North America

The company’s current-generation flagship OnePlus 5T has reportedly gone off the shelves in most US markets.
Going by the past record of the company, this usually happens before the launch of a new smartphone from the company.

There is possibility that OnePlus may launch its next flagship smartphone, likely to be called OnePlus 6, soon.
The company’s head of global marketing and general manager of North America Kyle Kiang confirmed to Engadget that OnePlus 5T has gone out of stock in North America.

He claimed that the stock outage of OnePlus 5T in North America is due to stronger-than-expected demand, and as a result, people on this continent will have to sit tight and wait for the company’s next flagship phone to arrive.
OnePlus 5T launched in December 2017. And going by the company’s smartphone launch cycle since past few months, OnePlus 6 should launch in June 2018. However, there have been speculations of the Chinese smartphone company pre-poning the launch since past many months.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau oficially confirmed the existence of OnePlus 6 in January this year. During an interview with CNET at CES, he said that OnePlus will be launching a new handset in the second quarter of 2018. He, however, has refused to disclose the name of the smartphone.


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