Japanese brand Suzuki becomes the world’s most profitable Car Maker

Japanese brand Suzuki becomes the world’s most profitable Car Maker

Japanese brand Suzuki has become the world’s most profitable Car Maker beating the German Auto Maker BMW. Suzuki gained a margin of 11.8 per cent in profits in the third quarter enabling it to become a front runner. This is 0.4 per cent higher than BMW during the same time period.

Way back in the year 2016, BMW had lost the title of the world’s largest seller of luxury cars to Mercedes-Benz.

India is the biggest market for Suzuki. Maruti Suzuki controls 51 per cent of the market share in India. The majority of the Indian population still prefer Maruti cars over any other models. The brand reputation which has developed over the years and the excellent service network in the country are some of the major factors for Maruti’s market success. This translates to Maruti selling more cars in India than what Suzuki sells globally. Also, according to previous reports, every second car sold in India is a Maruti.

According to reports, German Car Maker BMW lost its profitability mainly due to two reasons: diesel scandal and loss from trade tariffs between Germany and the USA. Although the diesel scandal did impact BMW, they did not face any major recalls such as Volkswagen or Daimler.

However, even after these losses, German Car Maker BMW continued to be more profitable than any other company for over a year, until the last quarter. Suzuki, on the other hand, has been recording year-on-year profits of 68 per cent. This surge is due to the increasing demand for their cars in India.

Leading Indian Automaker Maruti Suzuki is leading the sales for the last month i.e. July. Incidentally Maruti Suzuki topped the sales for the month of June also. The month of July this year, saw Maruti cars attain the top six positions in terms of sales. The company sold a whopping 1,64,369 units last month; a significantly high figure even though it was lesser than that in July 2017. Following close behind are the cars from Hyundai, even though the total sales figures are way behind that of Maruti Suzuki.

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