3 Fields that you can work in as an animator

Hollywood, Los Angeles is considered to be the hub for creating many animated movies but not every animator works there. Not every animator works on a big project that is coming up with the next big animated hit in the market. And rightly so, Los Angeles might be a place where every professional animator dreams to work but practically it is just not possible. Only some animators have the chance to work there. But this is not something that means that animators have no other places or industries to work in.

There are many different industries that require animators and their work is considered to be of vital importance as well. It is not necessary that an animator can only work in an animation studio but there tons of other industries that require an animator’s skills to keep their industry wheels rolling. The industries that are using professional animators on a regular basis might even surprise you.

Marketing and advertising:

According to many research reports it has been studied and discovered that animated videos are one of the best tools to arrest a person’s attention. There are millions of animators who work for thousands of marketing and advertising agencies that provide different business organizations marketing services. Every famous brand and business organization is always on the lookout for the next innovation in the field of marketing so that they can use it to seize the attention of their target audience and create awareness about their products.

Most advertisements that we see on T.V use animations in them. These animations help brands to make their products more alluring and where there is animation you will find a professional animator.

Education & Learning:

According to one of the top explainer video animation services in UK an animated video is one of the most amazing tools that allow people to communicate with their target audiences. Even though animated explainer videos are usually used by brands to explain the usability and functions of their products but there are still many other types of animations that have been proven to be perfect tools for educating students as well. Whiteboard animation is one excellent example of a type of animation that serves as a perfect tool for explaining complex concepts to students and capturing their interest.

Not only schools, colleges and universities are using whiteboard animated videos for teaching their students but these animated videos have also turned into a major tool for conducting training and development seminars and workshops as well. It has been observed that many training and development companies have been using animated videos to convey important concepts to their trainees in their training sessions. These animated videos help engage the target audience in a very effective way and are a great way to provide boring and dry information in an interesting and entertaining way. And fo such purposes many animators are hired so that they can create videos that can help such organizations to achieve their business objectives.

Forensic animations:

Believe it or not there are forensic animators working in a large quantity in many countries in the world whose job is to recreate the animated versions of the crime scenes or the events that have taken place. Their job requires them to work with witnesses, forensic experts and the police so that they can accurately animate how the crime took place.

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