SMTP Server: Definition And Advantages

Do you know what an SMTP server is and what it is for? In this article, we are going to explain what an SMTP server is, how to use it and the advantages you can get if you choose the best one. You can use a free smtp server to send emails at a fraction of cost.

What is an SMTP server?

SMTP comes from the initials of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. An SMTP server is a mail server that is responsible for fulfilling the functions of sending and receiving your email over the internet.

How to use an SMTP server?

To use an SMTP server you will have to access your hosting control panel and create an email account. After this, you will be able to access the detailed information of the SMTP account, where you will find the following data:

SMTP server

SMTP user

SMTP password

SMTP port


After obtaining the details of your SMTP account, you can include them in the configuration of the email application you are using.

SMTP server types:

There are two types of SMTP servers to send your emails:

Own SMTP server:

Own SMTP servers are those that are made available exclusively for your company. This is usually the best option for companies that handle a large volume of mailing and need to send mail more securely.

The disadvantage of this type of server will be the amount of management and maintenance time that you will have to invest to keep it optimized.

External SMTP server:

External SMTP servers are the ones that you can hire through an email provider. This type of server has the advantage of saving time by not having to perform maintenance and management of the server.

Advantages of an SMTP server:

Normally, when you hire a web hosting, it usually includes an SMTP service in your accommodation that allows you to create SMTP email accounts associated with the domain of your hosting.

Even so, it is advisable to contract a separate SMTP server, since the SMTP services included in cheap web hosting tend to present a series of problems. The main problems presented by the SMTP services of web hosting are:

Insecure protocol: the SMTP protocol is susceptible to being hacked and the SMTP services included in the cheap hosting do not usually have additional security measures.

Limited speed: the speed in sending and receiving emails will be very limited, especially if you are staying on a shared web hosting.

Below, you will see the advantages that hiring an SMTP server will give you compared to using the SMTP service that is normally included in web hosting:

Higher sending speed: a dedicated SMTP server will increase the speed of sending your emails considerably, especially if you compare it with the own servers that web hostings usually bring.

Increased Attachment Capacity – SMTP servers often allow larger attachments to be included than many other types of mail service.

Better deliverability: with an email server the delivery of your emails is guaranteed, and you can be sure that your email reaches its destination.

You can hire an SMTP server like SendinBlue, which you can configure quickly and easily, and will also offer you the possibility of sending emails automatically and classifying your emails by categories. You will also receive a detailed report every month with details on the lows, highs and other important data that may be useful to you.

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