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The pandemic has, in a matter of days, become the talk of the town. All sectors of the economy are undergoing sea changes. The finance world is no different. With most of the population stuck at home, work productivity is at an all-time low causing all financial organizations to suffer from a shortage of human resources. With less number of chartered accountants, all businesses are expected to encounter problems in filing their taxes. Recently the Government pushed the deadline for filing of income tax and other taxes to the 15th of July. Despite this, a good and efficient tax-paying software can do wonders for one’s business. 


ClearTax is one of the best tax filling softwares and is one of the most highly-rated software around., established in 2011, is based in Bengaluru and provides solutions for Income Tax filing, G.S.T., and Mutual Fund Investments. The company, founded by Archit Gupta, Srivatsan Chari, and Ankit Solanki, mentions that the company works to demystify Income Tax filing for the average Indian. It now boasts over 2.1 million customers in the country.


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According to Netizens, using ClearTax has its benefits. 


Relatively cheap Rather than paying thousands of rupees to chartered accountants and other financial organizations, one can easily pay just Rs 799 to file income tax returns. Other plans catering to capital gain incomes and global income residents range from 3000 to 4000.


  1. Data Security

 Revealing your personal financial information to shady offshore companies does not sound right. But ClearTax employs high-level data encryption services to secure both incoming and outgoing information. Thus the customer’s information is extremely secure from all types of cyber-threats.


3) Ease of Use 

The website has enabled users to interact with its highly user-friendly dashboard instead. With features like automatic tax filing and deadline reminders, ClearTax has emerged as one of the leading online tax filing software. 


  1. Mobile Compatibility 

Nowadays, almost all companies have an app to complement their operations. ClearTax is no different. With an app that is compatible with nearly all Android devices, filing taxes and doing other financial transactions is simpler than ever before, although the company is yet to release its App Store app.


  1. Language Support

With an increasing number of non-English speakers gaining access to the Internet, companies have to become multilingual to accommodate this growing traffic. ClearTax does the same. With operations in English and other regional languages, it caters to consumers pan-India.


  1. Customer Support 

The only advantage that offline tax filing systems have over the online ones is the customer support and interaction that they offer. But ClearTax provides 24×7 support for its clients, effectively rendering the offline systems completely useless.


  1. Consumer Base

The finance world caters to a large and diverse consumer base. As tax returns have to be filed by almost all companies, ClearTax’s customer base is exceptionally diverse. Practically everyone, from startups to freelancers, employs ClearTax for their tax filing needs. Even small and medium enterprises(S.M.E.s) like clinics and shop owners use ClearTax.


  1. Transaction tracking

Endlessly bugging your chartered accountants for updates on your transaction gives tax filing the tedious reputations it has. But with ClearTax, there is none of that. You can visually see the progress of your ‘file’ from the comfort of your home. 


  1. Audit trail 

Auditing is a necessary aspect of every organization. With daily transactions sometimes amounting to lakhs of rupees, the auditor’s job in any organization seems endless. Compiling records from different banks and payees is back-breaking work. ClearTax manages all that for you. It maintains a clear and precise audit trail that helps organize one’s budget and fill tax reports quickly and efficiently.


  1. Reporting 

Wage reporting is another necessary tax that every formal sector organization has to do. Reporting the total wages and other benefits given to your employees is an unfortunate ordeal that every employer must go through. With ClearTax, all of that is automatic as the software tracks all your online transactions. 



11) Utilisation of MIS Reports 

All financial organizations utilize M.I.S. Reports or Management Information System Reports. ClearTax also uses one of these systems to control, coordinate effectively, and analyze the data provided by its customers. The system helps the software to effectively correlate each customer’s detail with his or her respective tax report. It simplifies the process along with making it faster and more efficient. 


Although the reasons for choosing ClearTax for all your tax filing needs are many, no one can be a better judge than the consumer himself. It is imperative that one carefully analyses each software or website’s features before investing once you decide on one software. It is advised to stick to it and not be indecisive as this can create confusion for both you and the tax authorities.


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