How To Optimize Your Outside Sales Team With Vehicle Tracking Systems

Tracking systems for vehicles are not just for companies that supply or have large fleets around the country. These can also be used to maximize a sales force irrespective of the type or class. If you have an external sales team, a GPS monitoring system will save you money and guarantee that your team performs at the highest level of efficiency.


Enhance vehicle tracking systems activities:


Your administrative staff engages with returns and other routine activities with the sales team. Complete these activities to make the most of both departments.


Mileage refunds – You know that mileage deductions can be time-consuming when the sales force uses personally-owned cars. For GPS monitoring tools this method can be automated. You are also at risk of overpaying workers who record their miles or include personal trips in kilometer reports. The accurate data are provided each time by a GPS tracking system.

Territories tracking – Set up geographic positions for each territory and you can see quickly when a seller moves out. This simple task contributes to the elimination of disputes and makes every seller centered on his own area.

Vehicle monitoring devices boost sales:

To maximize a sales force means to determine what is right and what is wrong. What is wrong? You can do this with your GPS monitoring device.


Determine best practices – What is different from everyone else for your top salespeople? To evaluate best practices across the entire sales force, using driver analytics and other reporting tools.

Shorten the recruiting process – you know how much turnover you have when you run a sales team. You can use your GPS tracking system to identify who will and who is not make the cut. A rotating selling force simply forms part of the enterprise.


With car tracking systems, save money:


It costs money to run a sales team. While many of these costs can not be avoided, monitoring systems for vehicles can be used in some main areas to minimize expenses.


Lower insurance rates – GPS tracking companies have lower insurance premiums than insurance companies. Up to 30% of savings will rapidly increase. What would you do to save the extra money?

Enhancing transparency – Field salesmen have plenty of flexibility. So you can speed up, take the scenic route or say that you’ve visited a prospect if you didn’t really. With a vehicle tracking device, all such actions can be prevented. Naturally, a sales force that knows they are supervised enhances their work conduct.


Kent CamEye that is a GPS tracker for vehicles helps you track your car, track all journeys at route and speed, see who is in the car, and what is before all the way or even when you are not moving. That’s not all, it allows you to communicate with the driver and to warn you about speed or forced entry.


The device has a 4 G SIM of its own and connects to your phone via mobile. It has a battery backup, and I can turn it into my car in the dead of the night.


This device is critical for the app. It lists the journeys you see in the Uber app and points out if the car is on a journey or parked now. You can see anything from a battery on the computer, inside a vehicle, and mobile connectivity when you tap a trip or a parked spot. The car is pinpointed on a live map for a deep dive, giving access to last week, quince, or month analysis with interesting facts, such as engine idling time, average speed, and total running time. The camera can be accessed through the app regardless of the car’s status and shows the way forward and the driver. Actually, with regular vehicle drivers, you can activate face recognition, so you are notified if someone else in the wheel. Videos and screenshots are stored in the cloud by default, at least when the connection is strong, but you can import them to your phone if appropriate.


The Kent CamEye will only be available on Amazon for an annual subscription to cloud services of Rs 17,500 plus an annual RS 6,000 subscription. Kent CamEye appears to be a good investment for those in the chauffeur-driven environment where you have to keep track of car location and occupant safety.



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