Diagnosing traffic in the time of a crisis?

Driving traffic to a website is a big deal. Website owners struggle to draw traffic in their sites and
generate leads from them. The site administrators, website owners, and SEO professionals
apply several SEO tactics to increase the visibility and rankings of their website. The most
common SEO tactics applied by them are proper insertion of keywords, making the page
mobile-friendly, link building, etc. They struggle to drive traffic but with so much difficulty and
hard work, they often succeed to drive the audience. But when they succeed in getting the
required amount of traffic, then they struggle to maintain visibility. Traffic drop is typical because
of many factors. Business owners start panicking in such situations.
Due to Covid-19 the whole world and economy disrupted. Many businesses and big companies
have faced huge losses due to the pandemic. Famous industries are facing significant
upheavals. Most successful firms in the world have lost 10% of their revenues. In such a
situation, the traffic drop is typical. Whenever the business owners face traffic drop, they try to
find different ways to increase the traffic of their website.
It’s a human tendency to find solutions to the problems. Whenever a tub starts leaking, we fix it
or buy a new one. And when our gadget stops working we either buy a new one or send the old
one for local repair. Human beings don’t like being stuck in a problem. They search for
solutions. If you are a website owner and you have noticed a sudden decrease in the traffic of
your website, then you must be trying to find solutions for it. You can contact an SEO company
for solutions. You must be seeking answers for why the traffic of your website has fallen. It is
always advisable that before searching for a solution, we must try to analyse our problems.
Therefore, if the traffic of your website has fallen in the time of a crisis, then you need to find out
whether only you are experiencing the sudden decrease in traffic or other website owners are
facing the same situation. It would help if you also found out whether Google is responsible for
the reduction of your traffic or not because the Algorithm of Google keeps changing. But before
all this, you need to find out whether your traffic has fallen.
Has your traffic really fallen?
This question is obvious, and you must have experienced a sudden drop in traffic due to the
Covid-19 pandemic. But you must know that traffic fluctuations are frequent. On weekdays
traffic is less while on weekends traffic can be more. Several factors can be responsible for a
traffic drop, before getting to the conclusion that your traffic has fallen you need to analyse your
traffic trend. If you use Google Analytics, then you will be able to find out on what days you
receive more traffic and why. And if you have noticed a massive drop in your traffic, then
continue reading.

Have your rankings decreased?

You must be aware of the fact that ranking and traffic are co-related. If you have a good rank in
Google, then your traffic will eventually increase. But if Google has not provided you with a high
position, then you wouldn't receive much traffic. Therefore, if you have experienced a sudden
traffic drop on your website, then there are high chances that your ranking has also decreased.
It would help if you found out about the ranking of your site.
Has Google done something?

Google algorithms keep changing, and that leads to the fluctuation of traffic on a website.
Google keeps updating its algorithm and keeps adding new ranking factor, which makes the life
of website owners tough. If you are a site administrator or a website owner and you have
experienced untimely traffic drop, then you must try to find out about Google algorithm. It would
help if you found out whether Google has made new changes in its algorithm. In this time of
Pandemic, Google has included many changes. It has provided a health panel link on every
website. Google also gives a red alert regarding the information of Covid-19. Therefore, you
need to know if Google has made any changes in its algorithm or not.
Has everyone in the world gone crazy?
Maybe yes. The Google Search Console data has confirmed that they are experiencing a
profound change in the search behaviour of internet users of the world. If you want to gather
more information regarding it, then you can try Google trends. The search behaviour of people
has changed. Cinema halls are closed, and that’s why people no longer search for movie tickets
online. They are mostly searching for how to make dalgona coffee at home or cut their own hair
at home.


Most website owners are experiencing a decrease in traffic of their website because of the
pandemic. There can be many factors responsible for it, and most of them are mentioned
above. Search behaviour of people has changed, and you must try to optimise your website
according to the search behaviour of the users. You must update your website and include the
information that users are seeking in the times of pandemic if you want to increase the visibility.

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