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Indian handicrafts are world-famous for their arts and crafts. India has a diverse culture and rich heritage and so are its handicrafts. India has aMade in India mind-boggling variety of unique objet d’art that can be found in every nook and corner of the country. Today in this blog we are reviewing products from Tokenz. We were quite happy with their excellent supply chain management and got the products delivered within 24 hours. Tokenz is a newly launched start-up based in Lucknow. Tokenz offers high-quality handmade décor items sourced from artists throughout the country. Tokenz believes in cherishing the Indian heritage and tries to spread it across the world with love. It is also an effort to make it easy to celebrate every moment and festival for someone living far from their loved ones and family in a foreign land with a touch of tradition.

Why Tokenz

Tokenz handpicks each product with an emphasis on traditional expertise. A large and boundless collection, each product is handpicked from the hinterland of India, and is available at the click of a mouse, offering the eclectic buyer quality traditional artisan fare.Tokenz

Tokenz’s thorough team has traversed the hidden streets of India and picks artisans that infuse life into the arts and crafts of India. Tampatra and Pattachitra paintings from Orissa, blue pottery, and block prints from Rajasthan, Chikankari from Lucknow, Dokra work from Madhya Pradesh and pashmina & walnut wood specialized handicrafts from Kashmir, an ecosystem of specialized crafts await the shopper. Diving deep into India’s renowned Khadi heritage and exquisite tribal art, Tokenz aspires to uplift these craftsmen and showcase this hidden and sometimes unreachable talent, creativity, and enterprise of India’s burgeoning creative economy to Indians, and the world.


  • Made in India products
  • One-stop solution for all the handmade, genuine, handicrafts
  • Quality products at affordable prices
  • 24 hours dispatch service, delivery 3 to 5 days in India, International shipping also available
  • Wide Choice of products to choose from Paintings, Home & Living, Jewellery, Seasonal gift items, etc
  • Promotes the work of Indian craftsmen and their talent to the world
  • Gorgeous Hand work and perfect showpiece of Indian Handicrafts. Ideal For Gifting & Home Decor

Charming Goddess Lakshmi Brass Diya ₹1260Tokenz

Practicing spirituality can be done by bringing an idol for home as it creates a cheerful ambience around. If you think that you need to be at peace in your life and do better things and start sympathizing with others, the practice of spirituality is just one step away.

Everyone in today’s world is struggling to find inner peace in them. Contemplative practices that help you to find fun in your mind and teach you to find peace in yourself are really important. On knowing what is spirituality, here are some ways through which you can follow them and understand while you learn the significance of it.

There are a number of people from all around the world who are built on their own rules. Spirituality is a practice of finding validation from the unknown through a group of people or institution or even with the help of everyday religious practices.

Bring wealth and positivity with this charming goddess Lakshmi brass Diya. The diya rests on a beautifully crafted stand that brings elegance to it. On the diya, sits the idol of goddess Lakshmi. With intricate work on her attire, jewellery and crown the brass idol of the goddess looks divine.

Salient features

If there is one thing we are known for, that has to be our beliefs and trust in the holy  Almighty. Our belief is what makes us stronger. There is a ritual of praying in front of god idols & figurines, and Tokenz would further add glory to this custom by offering a variety of brass idols. They offer a wide range of our brass idols like Lord Shiva idol, Shiv Parivar murti, Hanuman idol, Durga idol, Sai Baba idol, and many more which glow with spiritual radiance.

Everyone has one comfy corner, or a little home temple, a study table, or even their car dashboard where they like to place the holy Almighty. The offerings of god are endless, so there is no harm in offering some to others.Tokenz

  • Material: Heavy Solid Brass
  • Height:  5 Inch
  • Weight:  0.65 Kgs each
  • SKU:  KCBIPED031
  • Country of Origin: India


Brass has a beautiful gold-like colour. It is easily available and can be used to design objects with interesting finishes. Brassware is ancient, versatile, famed, and a class apart. India is renowned for its beautiful brassware. Before the advent of the Iron Age, copper and its alloys were used for making metal tools and objects of daily use. A small part of that culture is still with us, but mostly in objects of art.

Indian brass is renowned the world over. The next time you are travelling around the world, consider the possibility that the potted planter in the foyer of a Manhattan hotel or Tokyo corporate office comes from a little-known village in India.

Home Décor & Living Products

We at Tokenz, love contemporary designs with modern and chic touches. Elevate the space of your home with our subtle pieces that are surely going to stand out. Our Tribal paintings and terracotta pots are some of the products that will give that oomph to your space while being minimalistic and effortless.

Our decorative vases steal hearts just due to the sheer skill that they have been made with, which is only found in the hidden streets of India. If you are looking for any kind of flower pots online, trust us with the smooth and safe delivery of these delicate pieces.

You can even choose paintings for the wall as they make for the perfect backdrop for any space, be it a living room, bedroom or even your puja ghar. Our range includes exquisite folk paintings, religious paintings and even some animal paintings. Choose the one that suits your vibe and amp up your space in no time.

Wall Decor – Indian Folk Art PaintingsTokenz

For adorning walls in your home or office, Indian wall décor is always preferred over other things. Tokenz offers a wide range of paintings having mythological paintings, deities, and much more at an amazing price.

Paintings of Hindu gods are welcomed by everyone during housewarming parties, Diwali, and other festivals. It can be lord Shiva paintings, Ganesha paintings, or any other one that you deem fit. Gift a newlywed couple Radha Krishna paintings or Parvati shiva paintings, blessing them for a happy marriage ahead.

Indian Paintings can add a positive impact on your house if they are according to Vastu. Add horse paintings at the entrance of your house with running horses facing the inside of the home. It brings luck and success. Tokenz has excellent quality folk art paintings for sale such as palm leaf painting and Mysore wooden paintings.  One can amp up the space using paintings for office walls or homes crafted by expert artisans that go well with the décor.

For your Diwali puja, get Lakshmi Ganesh idols and other essentials. And finally, our décor will give your house a fresh modern feel yet so traditional that it will certainly feel like Diwali. The best part is that you can go for Diwali gifts online delivery in India for those relatives or friends who live far away yet are so close to your heart.

About TokenzTokenz

Tokenz – Curated Store For Handicrafts, Handmade Decor & Natural Products. Indian handicrafts and handmade décor accessories are loved around the world for their earthy warmth. An artisan spends months planning and creating every collection with love. Whether you need wall paintings for your home or office, or need something unique for a gift, handcrafted items created by expert artisans is always a good option. Tokenz, India’s leading online shopping store with an exceptional collection for handcrafted items from all around the country is here to make your search for something creative and outstanding easy.

Being one of the best handicraft websites, Tokenz takes pride in providing one of the largest collections for handicraft and handmade items. From something as small as a hand-printed terracotta Diya to an entire hamper handpicked for a particular festive or occasion in your or your loved one’s life you can get everything here. If you are looking for wall décor or Indian folk paintings, we have beautiful, handpicked options for the same.

If you are looking for Indian handicrafts online shopping, Tokenz is your one-stop-shop for everything. From handmade sweets with desi ghee preparation to the hampers filled with love and accessories meant for celebrating an occasion, festivals, birthdays, or even weddings. We deliver across the world so if you want to send a token of love anywhere, Tokenz can make it possible with express delivery.

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