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Indian handicrafts are world-famous for their arts and crafts. India has a diverse culture and rich heritage and so are its cultures and traditions. India has a mind-boggling variety of unique fashions that can be found in every nook and corner of the country. Today in this blog we are reviewing products from iTokri. We were quite happy with their excellent supply chain management and got the products delivered within 72 hours.

Freshly Homemade Milk CakeAs many of us know, Rakhi which is one of the biggest festivals in India is just around the corner. People love to shop for their brothers and sisters which can be anything from a very small item to a big item. Especially, this time we are passing through a coronavirus pandemic and it will not be possible for most of us to celebrate this festive season with our loved ones. You can send rakhi and other gift items to your loved ones to feel togetherness.

Elephant - Gota Work Toy / Home Decor Item (Small)iTokri is taking care that all the rules and regulations are very well executed in such a way, all the items can be shipped to your family by following all the necessary precautions. The e-Store offers FREE shipping charges apart from the product’s final cost and offers shipping across the World to provide a seamless buying experience to its extraordinary customer. We ordered these two items and got both of them delivered within just 3 days which is definitely super cool! So, if you worrying that your gift will reach your destination in time or not. This is not the case here, your order just reaches in time so you can amaze your friend.

Made in India

About iTokri.com

Creativity is always about new, tiny, almost invisible initiatives. It needs to be shared to grow and find space in people’s hearts. Small towns and villages do not have the diversity of people or the financial market to support such creativity.

iTokri.com celebrates creativity and Conversation from villages, small towns, and from metros online!  It nurtures, gives space, light and love to the emerging and ancient vibrantly creative spirit of India. That spirit is throbbing to give birth to an edgy, yet warm, funny and a fair India. An India where potential from any region, any geography howsoever remote, howsoever mainstream is nurtured and allowed to thrive. An India that finds its definitions from itself, its own genius, simultaneously engaging with the best in the world.

iTokri.com is a space that celebrates collective creativity. An idea that believes each one of us has that spark to color life and world in our own strokes. It is the story of reclaiming the diversity , of having a million narratives. Of understanding that there should never be a monopoly or a oligopoly of voice/s…Of finding a balance of financial sustainability with aesthetic and an ethical basis. It could be fair-trade, it could be a passion for beauty, it could be sheer drive of innovation and entrepreneurship, it could be an interest in organic/ecological issues, it could be cultural/political radicalism.


आइये, आई.टोकरी में आपका स्वागत है…

यह एक उत्सव की दावत है…भारतीय रचना और संवाद का उत्सव!!! 

हम उत्सव मनाएंगे उन लाखों कबीलाई जातियों की तरह जो ख़ुशी में, गम में, मृत्यु में, प्रतिरोध में नाचती आई  हैं बिना किसी की परवाह किये हुए… आपने स्वपनों, अपनी चिंताओं के साथ…

उन्मुक्तता से!!!

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