OnePlus Nord

What makes latest Nord alike other OnePlus phones?

From so many leaks and rumors, OnePlus has finally unveiled its upper mid-range smartphone. There were so much excitement and hype for the smartphone. We also believe that this is the most hyped smartphone in 2020.

From a Flagship killer to a flagship OnePlus has turned the table well. When they entered the market their real aim was to offer products at such affordable prices. Time has passed away and now the prices are at a peak. The brand is offering products with high-quality specifications. We do believe that prices will definitely increase with time and quality.
Remember, OnePlus already tried to enter this mid-range market before as well with their OnePlus X. It was no doubt a well and balanced device. Soon after that, they stopped building more such affordable devices. In the world, due to this lockdown or increasing number of Covid-19 cases, the sale of smartphone has dropped down significantly especially for flagships.

Why do we believe OnePlus Nord isn’t that worth buying?

Nord is not actually a flagship killer. It’s rather very much difficult to explain that the device is more or less an upper mid-range smartphone. They are offering the same specifications that many brands have already offered. Nothing new has been included with the device. We neither find any 3.5mm headphone jack on Nord, nor any Type-C to headphone jack cable in-box. Moving onto the build quality, the phone is obviously made up of plastic which is alike other OnePlus phones announced so far. That feels quite a bit okay as far as cost-cutting is concerned.
OnePlus Nord is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G which is a 5G ready chipset. In India specifically, there is no such announcement for the rollout for 5G. This may take more than a year from now for the final commencement. So there is actually no sense adding 5G compatibility to a phone when you are not able to try it. Same, they had integrated NFC which is basically of no use.
You must be knowing that the prices start at Rs.24,999 but there is a catch! You won’t be able to buy that lower-end variant at the moment. You need to wait till September to order a 6GB+64GB model. OnePlus has played very strategically and not given a choice for 6GB+128GB. The storage speed is just UFS 2.1 but around the same price range, we see brands giving UFS 3.1. Sadly, you get a USB 2.0 port than a USB 3.0 which was already in some of the older generation devices.

Other worth mentioning points you need to know

No Dolby Atmos support
No Stereo Speakers
No Cooling technology
No Expandable storage
Otherwise, we feel the device is a good deal. If you are not at all concerned about the cons or have any other kinds of requirements. If you wish to buy, there is a pre-order option on Amazon that you can avail. This is just an overview post describing all the product cons you should keep in mind. Our final verdict will be placed once we get hands-on to the device.
“Many blogs will definitely show you the bright side of the product. Our aim is to provide you with honest opinions. We believe all products are not up to the mark there is always a scope of improvement. It is always the right of a consumer to know all the necessary details before he makes a final call.”

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