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Natural Air Purifiers from CocoPuree – Starts at just Rs.499 (Sale)

Before we jump into product review it is always advisable to get to know about the “need” and then only you can understand it better.

Why your home/office needs an Air Purification System?

The most important thing to know is the function of a home air purifier. A home air purifying system helps to reduce the risk of inhaling airborne harmful microbes such as mold, viruses, and bacteria. These microorganisms can cause serious health problems including fever, respiratory infection, sore throat, and pneumonia. Thus, it is essential for everyone to ensure that their homes have an air purification system to prevent all such problems.

However, the choice of natural air purifiers can be perplexing as there are many brands available in the market today. This problem is being faced by people from different strata of society. People from the middle-class classes and the affluent class have been benefited greatly from natural air purifiers as they use these devices to maintain a healthy and fresh environment in the home. But for ordinary people, finding an affordable and effective air purifier can be a challenge.

The first thing you need to consider is your budget. There are many manufacturers who offer different models at different prices but all of them are not of high quality. The natural air purifiers available in the market vary in both specifications and functionality. Hence, you have to take the help of an expert to find the best one in the market. Second, you need to determine the need. What type of room or area needs an air purification device? Do you need one for your whole house, or only in the rooms where you are likely to use it? Or do you need one for every individual?

The third and final factor you need to consider is the brand you will go for. The compact model is always preferred by most of the users, as it helps you to save space in the home. However, you should also check the efficiency of the device as you do not want to use the device to clean your dust broom on the carpet when you can use it to clean your room completely.

If you follow these tips carefully and choose a good air purifier that suits your need, you will surely end up having a product that will be of great value for the price that you have paid for it. You can Checkout this Natural yet affordable option from CocoPuree – Click Here.

CocoPuree Air Purifier

Highlights / Key Features

  • 100% eco-friendly, Made from Natural components 
  • lasts for 2 years
  • Easy Installation 
  • Made in India ?? 
  • Regulates Moisture, Free from allergy 

Today, we will be talking about one such Eco-friendly AirPurifier brand Cocopuree, a brand that believes fresh air is the right for every citizen in the country.

This CocoPuree Air Purifying Bag is filled/made up with just one main ingredient – Formulated Coconut Based Activated Charcoal. These charcoal/carbon filters are small pieces of carbon, typically in granular or powdered block form, that have been treated to be extremely porous. It is so cavernous, in fact, that just one gram of activated carbon can easily have a surface area of 500m2 or higher. These carbon filters adsorb exponentially more contaminants and allergens than traditional carbon. The more porous the activated carbon is, the more contaminants are adsorbed.

Apart from that, you can save extra money as this is a non-electric Air Purifier and out of the box it is just ready to use, not requires any kinds of installation procedure, basically just a DIY thing! You can easily hang this at any part of your home, wherever you would like to feel the fresh air. Surprisingly, these bags will last you for 2 years, it is just Incredible, great work! I personally liked the design, it is not very heavy and it is just adjustable where you have options for 500g, 250g, 75g for the purifying bag. According to Cocopuree, these bags are designed using high grade activated charcoal, which is a constituent of military-grade masks manufacturing and purification system. Ideal for closet, fridge, shoe cabinet, gym bag, kitchen, toilet, bedroom, pet house, new house, new car, toilet, etc.

Cocopuree Natural Air Purifier in India


  • 75 Grams x 3 Pack
  • 225 Grams
  • 500 Grams


  • Moon Gray
  • Baby Blue
  • Moss Green
  • Mrytle Green



Cocopuree Air Purifying bags My personal experience speaks good about the product, as this is a natural Air Purifier you don’t need to worry about any kinds of after-effects like allergies. I will advise you to get the perfect sized purifying bag according to your room size, if you have a large living room you can consider the 500g one, for small-sized bedrooms you can consider a smaller one. This is totally worth the price product and is quite affordable too in comparison to the other Air Purification systems available in the market. Fortunately, all of them have a very compact size and be carried along easily. We performed many tests with the 75g and 250g bags in our day to day scenarios, the product performed well, though it will take some time as it is going to be natural purification but after some time you feel the change in the environment. To feel its maxed effectiveness you can place this under sunlight for 15-20 mins and then place it in the respective area. Just a go-ahead product from our side and a must-try for all Delhites facing significantly higher pollution levels. When it comes to Availability, you can also order this cool product directly from or from

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