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Today I am going to share with you one such shopping platform and mostly all the products listed on their website are hand Made in India. Basically, this is just an encouragement to ‘Made in India’ products and support for our small businesses. Also, all the products are designed in such a way that makes you feel your own culture and tradition.

ExclusiveLane.com has a variety of products ranging from dining to decorative items, Gardening products, gift sets, and more. This online platform was started in 2012 as a craft brand with a vision to promote Indian handicrafts globally & help small artisans based in different parts of India.

Twelve Blends” Spice Box With 12 Containers & Spoon In Sheesham Wood


MATERIAL: Sheesham Wood

ART FORM: Handcrafted

Made in India

Free returns


– Ideal for storing 12 different types of spices or refreshments.
– Can also be used to store knick-knacks or used as a medicine box after removing the containers.
– Comes with 12 detachable containers (45 ML) and a spoon inside made of Sheesham wood.
– The volume of each container is 45 ML.
– Comes with 12 containers, 1 box & 1 spoon.
– The box is polished with lacquer.
– Comes with a see-through lid made of glass.
– Comes with a metallic lock on the front.
– The Spice Box is Handcrafted in Sheesham Wood and Polished with lacquer.
– Comes in brown color.
– Comes in the following dimensions:
SPICE BOX: 9.9″ (L), 7.7″ (W), 2.1″ (H),
CONTAINERS: 2.2″ (L), 2.2″ (W), 1.1″ (H),
SPOON: 5.5″ (L), 0.9″ (W) Inches in size.

About ExclusiveLane.com

ExclusiveLane has adored stepping into the world of exhibiting handicraft products to the domestic as well as international market. The company is headed up with the solemn goal to provide economic upliftment of the artisans that are involved in preserving the heritage of the handicrafts industry in India. Their aim is to maximize the use of handicrafts in urban India as well as in overseas countries and let the ancient traditional artisan know their international importance through their widespread talent in the easiest way.


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