Picsart celebrates 10 Years of Creativity!

Picsart completes 10 years of creativity! This month Picsart is celebrating the various creative innovations that added to the Digital India. You are no longer dependent on someone for your creative work. Just one click and you’re done! 

Started in 2011, Picsart has made a vital space in the GenZ and millennial community than any other app. That creative side of yours was founded by Picsart! 

Let’s look at some of those amazing tools that unleashed the creative you! 



One tap background removal tool helped you create some amazing photo edits. Creators from all around the world used this tool and created some exceptionally creative edits.


Who knew that you could save all your editing steps and save those steps for your next edit! Picsart made this possible too and the best part is that you can share your replay with others so that they can remix your replay and get inspired.


Picsart made sure to customise your wedding day! Our creators created some amazing wedding invites using Picsart and shared the feeling of love with their loved ones. 

To add a little fun Picsart introduced its amazing range of wedding stickers!

Not only did Picsart introduced these amazing creative tools but we also saw some creative stickers and elements to add a little fun to our edits!

With ever-growing creators Picsart is the best place to try something new and creative. 


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