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Authoritative Work Desk From Procuremate

Are you looking for an exciting Work Desk to boost your Work From Home (WFH) performance? Especially in the times of COVID-19 pandemic across the world, when everyone is facing different yet unusual problems…

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Brilliant and Elegant gifting products from MiniArkiTech

This yet another Diwali gifting story but today we have one such top-notch product range you will be very delighted to see. This product comes from a brand named MiniArkiTech which is basically India…

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TEQTA USB-C Hub – One Stop Solution for all your needs

teqta main

In the need of the hour, we have to manage to work from our homes which is slightly becoming tougher than our usual office routines where you had access to all different monitors,…

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Gifting options for this festive season from Submarine

Submarine Orion 2

Everyday items are one of the top choices to consider buying/gifting in times of occasions. According to a prominent Philosopher, a pen is just compared to a sword and a sword is like…

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Absolute Work/Desk Essentials from Aurik Studio

Work from Home topics is becoming just another trending buzzword. We have got you covered with two such great Desk Organiser and a laptop stand you can use in your day to day…

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Looking to setup your ‘home office’? Checkout this super efficient table!


While the pandemic shows no signs of us going back to precedented times many people are adapting to the WFH lifestyle which will be a long-term reality for many companies across the globe….

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Tempting laptop accessories you may consider buying in 2020


Over the years, computers are being replaced by laptops and now this innovating technology is reshaping all the other laptop components which we often use. Day by day they are becoming more powerful,…

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Inspiring Work Essentials From UrbanTribe


The industry is almost flattered with so many kinds of backpacks. Usually, we all do have our “old-styled” bags at our home which we often use in our daily routine. This is one…

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