Voltmi Automatic Toothpaste dispenser (Must Try Product)

Today we have some new and exciting product that works on the principle of Brush-in, Paste-Out which is called the Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser. This product is very helpful in today’s busy lifestyle where you wake up late in the morning and has less time to get ready to get to your work.

Apart from saving time you save the amount of toothpaste too and say no to more toothpaste wastage and you get the right quantity neither less nor more to brush your teeth and get set to work. The dispenser Squeezes-out 100% toothpaste to make your life more Convenient & Touch-free features make your hands less dirty. Also, it comes in two different color options to match with your washroom tiles and looks amazing when placed on the wall. We all are in transition of our lives where all our tasks are now performed by bots or machines that make lives Simple yet easy, so why not make this a part of our automation tradition.

The product comes with a Punch-free Installation feature which means you don’t have to fix any nail on the wall to get it attached, you just have to stick this to your wall and you are ready to go.

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Voltmi Automatic toothpaste dispenser is made with a very simple mechanism and does involve any battery or electrical component. The detachable extrusion consists of a spring-clip mechanism that squeezes your toothpaste when you press it inside with your toothbrush. Toothpaste is installed at the top and due to natural gravity, it oozes out the toothpaste on your toothbrush. The product is available at a price of just ₹799 which is reasonable for the features you get and this is a must try product.

About Voltmi

Voltmi brand’s primary focus is on launching Innovative consumer electronic products, mainly wearables, daily use electronics, gadgets, and other well-being electronics. The brand focuses primarily on sales through E-commerce channels in developing countries. The main idea is to bring the most innovative products at the consumer’s doorstep at the most affordable prices with robust after-sales support and backup for every product sold under the brand of Voltmi.

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