Voltmi Wireless Music Eye Mask – The Next Gen Wearable

Key Features

  • Easy connection through Bluetooth 5.0 so you can listen to music and receive calls without any hassle
  • Easy to receive calls using the Voltmi Music Eye Mask.
  • 3D contoured design to avoid pressure on your eyes.
  • 99% light blocking to ensure an uninterrupted and relaxing experience.
  • Washable and friendly to your skin.
  • The long lasting battery of 8 hours, Charging time of 2 hours

Voltmi’s new Wireless Music Eye Mask is just here, it is a unique product that includes an eye mask paired with a music system to make you sound sleep. In today’s time, sleeping is one of the problems that lead to significant health complications and this needs to be fixed at the right time with the right means otherwise it can lead to any possible health issues it can be physical or related to the mind.

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The product was designed to keep in mind all the above parameters so you as a customer can relax and have a sound sleep anytime, anywhere. Especially, if you are on a train or airplane journey where you don’t want to hear the noise around and want to close your eyes. Also, the product is very hands you can carry it almost everywhere, not takes much space, and it fits in your bag pack easily without trouble. So, now you can say bye to your old trips where you had no energy and you were roaming here and there. With this flexibility, you can relax and enjoy each and every moment of your journey.

You can also listen to meditation music on this and keeping your eyes closed can help you build good Focus. The eye mask is compatible with both iOS and Android, both are very convenient and allow hassle-free pairing.

Price & Availability

Voltmi Wireless Music Eye Mask is priced (MRP) at ₹2,999.00 at Voltmi e-store.You can buy from Amazon for ₹2,200 (with some discounts).

About Voltmi

Voltmi brand’s primary focus is on launching Innovative consumer electronic products, mainly wearables, daily use electronics, gadgets, and other well-being electronics. The brand focuses primarily on sales through E-commerce channels in developing countries. The main idea is to bring the most innovative products at the consumer’s doorstep at the most affordable prices with robust after-sales support and backup for every product sold under the brand of Voltmi.




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