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AirPods 2 Clone – Full & Final Review

With respect to our previous article where we announced that we will be surely reviewing the AirPods Pro. But due to slight changes and product unavailability of the Copy/Clone for the AirPods Pro. In order to make it better for you to understand what is the actual difference between a clone product and an original product, I will discuss more here in the article.

AirPods 2 Clone - Next2brand - box- case

The box packaging looks somewhat similar to the original packing in which we see the real AirPods 2. The box includes a lightning cable, paperwork/guide, and the AirPods Case where you find the two AirPods. But it is a way more difficult or confusing you can say to figure out the original pair of AirPods. Both the charging case and Documentaries are almost identical.



AirPods 2 Clone - Next2brand 11Likewise Apple’s Orginal AirPods 2 this one also packs the same features. Interestingly, It supports – Wireless Charging though we have not checked that in our testing, With Hear in out pause play, 2 tap pause and play music (Right), 2 taps for Siri working (Left), and more. Nine out of ten times it works great without any issues.

I used this Clone/Copy AirPods 2 in my day to day usage. This charging case lets you put back AirPods 2 easily without any extra effort that means you need not have to push the AirPods inside the case. There is an LED light present on the charging case which notifies you about charging, low battery, and more. Moving onto the build quality, though it feels a little bit cheap if you have already tried out the original AirPods. But at this price point, this is quite manageable. The size of the buds is again the same as the real AirPods 2.

AirPods 2 Clone - Next2brand - black

The audio quality is just okay I would say not very good and obviously you cannot expect more from a Clone version as this is absolutely great for pranks. This fits perfectly in both ears and not causes any kind of irritation. Sadly, These pairs of buds don’t support noise cancellation. Fortunately, this pairs up very quickly and is compatible with both Android plus iOS devices and you will also get a pop-up pairing window for iOS devices. The microphone used here feels cheap so I won’t recommend you use this while taking calls in a crowded place but it is okay for listening to music.

About Next2Brand is a First/Master Copy Online Store where you can buy and get home delivery of all types of branded copy products such as AirPods, smartwatches, shirts, shoes, and many more.
They started this business to serve the customer a better facility in buying first copy products. They have around 1800 happy customers throughout India and will continue to provide better services in the future.


Personally, I believe it is more or less a showoff product and is not meant for high-quality audio. If you are a guy who just needs this product just for fun then you can consider buying this. If you are short on a budget or your focus is to get the best of the price than you can see other alternatives in the market. Otherwise, this product is actually a top to the bottom copy of the original AirPods 2. Obviously this is copy version doesn’t come with any warranty. This AirPods 2 Clone is specifically available in two vibrant colors – Black, White.

UPDATE (27/10/2020) – The left AirPod is not working now, soon after connecting this to my phone it is automatically getting disconnected and saying power off.

*DISCLAIMER – We are not promoting or supporting any kinds of fake/clone/copy products in the article. But it is in general a comparison between the Original and Clone versions. It is worth sharing news for the consumers as they need to be attentive while buying products. You are Buying above mentioned products at your own risk.

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